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Oilfield Belt Buckles

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Oilfield Belt Buckle Drill Rig

Item #123 - $35

Oilfield oil & gas belt buckle with land drilling rig

These are made by hand in the USA from cast pewter and depict an oilfield derrick drilling scene. Details like pump jacks, deer and a flying hawk in the background make these oil and gas buckles very unique pieces.

Belt Buckle
3.4" x 2.4"
(8.6 x 6cm)

Pump Jack Belt Buckle

Item #152 - $40

Oilfield oil well pump jack belt buckle custom made

Cast from fine pewter featuring a highly detailed oilfield pump jack. These make wonderful gifts for anybody involved in the oil industry. Features include a oil tank battery with catwalk and berm located behind the pump jack sitting in the middle of a wheat field.

Belt Buckle
3.4" x 2.4"
(8.6 x 6cm)

Workover Rig Belt Buckle

Item #249 - $35

Oilfield oil well service workover rig belt buckle with pump jack

We know how hard it is to find a unique gift for your workover rig crews. Cast from solid pewter with exacting details that are certain to please everybody. Scene depicts a work over service rig set up over a well with the head of the pump jack removed. The flat bed truck, hawks in the sky and trees in the field make this a perfect gift.

Belt Buckle
3.4" x 2.4"
(8.6 x 6cm)

Custom Made Belt Buckles
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From $35

Custom belt buckles with logo made in the USA

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