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Oilfield Drill Bit Keychains: Find the best quality

The best drill bit keychains from the oil rig oilfield store

Identifying Quality Oilfield Tricone Drill Bit Keychains

Shopping for the perfect drill bit keychain gift for a roughneck or loved one who works in the oil and gas drilling industry can be a confusing process because most people are not familiar with the details of how real bits look like on a drill rig. There are also a few different ways of producing this type of oilfield keychain such as casting from stainless steel or pewter. Prices range from $10 - $22 each. Sometimes cheaper imports from overseas claim to be pewter but are made from lead which is a toxic carcinogen. Often these imports also do not have sharp crisp details in comparison. High-end versions are also offered that are hand machined on a lathe and end mill from solid metal such as brass or an aluminum alloy. These types of rock bit keychain products are usually sterling silver, chrome, or gold plated finish. Many feature turning cones just like a real dill bit has. Prices for this style of pendant will range greatly from $12 - $69 depending on quality. On the low end of the spectrum, you will find bits on the market that to the common eye deceivingly look to be machined by hand, but the parts are just cheaply cast from molten metal of various types with screws or pins inserted through the body to hold on the rotating cones. Many times this assembly process causes there to be a large gap between the cones and the body. These cutters tend to be very loose and wobbly with low durability, often breaking off when encountering daily use and abuse in the pockets of oilfield workers. On the high end of the spectrum, each of the 3 rotating cutters is pressed on a bearing-type system for a smooth durable result with no loose gaps or wobbling. One manufacturer even offers exacting details of tapered API threads, grease cap plugs, jet holes, and a different tooth-cutting pattern on each roller, just like the real thing! Another point for shoppers to consider is the size of the pendant. Reputable sellers will openly list the actual measurements for proper selection.

Custom Oilfield Drill Bit Key Ring Gifts

If you wish to personalize oilfield keyring products many options are available. Full-color logos and text can be added to metal tags engraved and attached to the key ring. You may also opt to have a custom mold made with your corporate logo directly cast into the body. With an added gift box these oilfield gift items make a one-of-a-kind promotional handout for employees, customers, or trade show events for corporations and small businesses alike.

3d PDC Drill Bit Keychain Pendant Charm

Another common type of key ring accessory popular around an oil rig is a PDC bit keyring. While this style does not feature any rotating parts, they are highly sought after by people in the petroleum industry.  One manufacturer even stocks a high-end hand-machined version with actual pressed-in cutting teeth displaying the finest details of the craft.

Other Roughneck Oilfield Jewelry

In addition to a polycrystalline diamond compact or a conventional rotary drill bit key chain, there are many other types and styles offered in online oil rig shops. Different tools from the industry are replicated as minis such as elevators, pipe tongs, mud motors, pump jacks, hard hats, drill pipe elevators, and more. Women in the drilling industry commonly use these items as charms on a bracelet or necklace. In conclusion, do careful research and always ask the manufacturer about personalization and free shipping for bulk orders.

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