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Auger Drill Bit Keychain Pendant

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Gifts On The Foundation Drilling Rig

In 2024 Industrial Awards was contacted by Axion Foundations Geotechnical Construction Company in hopes of purchasing a unique handmade item for their employees in the directional drilling industry. Axion is a design-build geotechnical construction company that specializes in private-sector problem-solving for any deep foundation, earth retention, or ground improvement needs that arise. While there were many options available for pewter drill bit keychains and promotional roughneck oilfield gifts, nothing fit with their market of using auger crawler style drilling machines in the construction industry. After some careful consideration, it was decided that Industrial Awards would make a new highly detailed mold of a hollow auger with a carbide tip cutter head, cement grout hole, and API thread connection connected to key chain hardware. The details of the accessory would make any driller proud! 

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Industrial Awards is located in South Carolina USA and manufactures custom-made one-of-a-kind items for employee awards, advertising promotion handouts, and related items. We can make molds of any item you require usually from your provided photographs. While this requires an upfront initial mold fee, we keep that mold on hand for future orders. Building a custom mold with personalization will usually add 3 weeks to the estimated delivery of your items. Many finishes are available such as antique brass, vintage bronze, gold, and chrome to give your item a "stamp of integrity." Pricing may vary depending on the finish of the item and item specifics.  In addition to making brand-new molds, we also have a large inventory of existing molds we can use to speed up the delivery time and save you money. You can shop with confidence in our online store which features over 500 unique industry-related items in stock. We ship worldwide via USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

Gifts play a vital role in the construction industry, especially when it comes to building relationships between the seller and buyer. For example, an employee may receive a bit pendant as a token of appreciation for their hard work in the field. A buyer of an oil drill rig may receive an oilfield keychain as a thank-you gift from the seller. These gifts not only serve as a gesture of gratitude but also help in strengthening business relationships.

When purchasing such gifts, it's important to verify the seller's handling time and ensure that the item is eligible for shipping to your destination zip code and will arrive in time. Whether you choose to buy from Etsy, eBay or an online retail store make sure to check the origin of the item and the shipping service selected to ensure a smooth transaction.

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In 2024, John H. Martin Company became Industrial Awards. The name change was for marketing purposes only. Ownership remains the same.